Composer Tony Caruso is an instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, piano/synths, percussion, and sings lead/backing vocals. Enjoying and performing a wide array of musical styles, Tony definitely has the music bug! 

Surrounded by a musical family throughout his upbringing, Tony fell in love with music. Without training, Tony was able to compose on the piano from a very young age. By age 12, guitar became his instrument of choice. He studied under several guitar teachers including jazz musician Gene Terranami. He performed in bands as a lead guitarist and developed his talent as a songwriter. It was through improvisations and compositions that Tony realized his love for creating original music.

In the mid 80’s, Tony attended the summer program at Berklee College of Music, and later studied Electronic Music and Performance at California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS). Here he studied with guitar virtuoso Miroslav Tadic. While at CALARTS, Tony composed volumes of instrumental music, grabbed any available studio time he could, and jammed with musicians such as Ravi ColtraneMatthew Hasel, and others.

Tony has composed music for multi-media presentations and independent video projects, and has composed and performed with singer/songwriters Mick Choder and Christine Moll. Tony has also collaborated with composer Matthew Hasel for some of his scoring projects. 

Tony is currently writing and producing film-score, ambient, instrumental, jazz, new-age and blues based compositions. Keep checking in for new releases!